Wish List Items

Hay and Feed

Square bales of hay, Senior Feed or equivalent, 10-14% Pellets, Whole Oats, Rice Bran, Beet Pulp, Alfalfa Pellets. The feed will help feed the horses, get them back to good health, nutrition and gain back their weigh.

Minerals & Supplements

All types, Vitamins & Supplements, Salt and Mineral Blocks, Mineral Loose, Flax Seed Oil, Corn Oil. The minerals and supplements will help the horses gain back their weight.

Horse Medicines

Any and all types of medical supplies Needed.

Gas Cards

Help pay for the gas to pick up Rescue Horses

Building Supplies

Electro-Braid Rope, Corral Panels, Tin for Shelter Roofs, Fence Post: Electro-Braid fence is one of the safest fences for horses, Corral panels will be used for a round pen, and holding pens for horses. Tin will be used for roofs for run-ins, fence post for fencing. Gate’s, Pole Barn (storing Hay)


Safeguard, any others. We worm every horse, price is $8.00 and up so that can add up real fast.

Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer – straight, slant or stock would be used to pick up Rescue Horse’s.

Horse Rescue Foundation & At Risk Kids are in need of the following “In Kind” items. If you can donate any of these items, Please contact HRF. “All Donations are Tax Deductible”

Sand for round pen, 1/4 down for at gate’s,  Last but not least-A Nice Inside Arena, where we can do our lesson’s with the kid’s even in bad, cold, wet weather.


 On Dec.18, 2012 we received a New 5′ LMC Tiller, it was donated by a wonderful man “Don Procter”  Thank You, Don



All donation’s will help with supplies needed for horses, so PLEASE go to the Donate Button and Help Save a Horse Today!

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Veterinary Care

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