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The Horse Rescue Foundation (HRF) was established in 2009 in Culleoka, TN in response to an alarming increase in the number of abandoned horses due to economic hardship and foreclosures.  Many of these animals suffer and die alone or worse, are sold to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada (such sales became illegal in the United States in 2006.)  Co-founders Brad and Kathy Miller bring years of experience in equestrian instruction and care as well as a deep respect for horses to HRF. Brad is co-author of the authoritative book, The Complete Guide to Adoption Horses.  Kathy is an expert rider and trainer.  HRF received 501(c)(3) status in July 2010.

HRF’s two-fold mission is to save the lives of neglected and malnourished horses and provide opportunities for the community to get involved with rescue animals. They achieve this by transforming ‘throwaways’ into cherished horses that enhance the lives of both families and communities.  Staff, medical care professionals, handlers, and volunteers come together on the farm to rebuild rescued animals’ strength, health, and most importantly, trust in humans, thereby making them adoptable as service animals for riding therapy organizations or pets for families and individuals.  Results speak to mission accomplished for horse rescue: the majority of rehabilitated horses have been adopted.  However HRF has been unable to provide opportunities for involvement in rescue activities that meet human service needs due to limited resources.

Purpose of Horse Rescue Foundation

Non-Profit Organization – 501c3

For thousands of years, horses have been our stronghold for survival dating back to the early days of the time. Horses used for transportation, plowing our fields to feed humans and deliver messages across the countryside. The horses we ride today are for pleasure and sportsmanship. Domestic horses rely on humans for their survival.

Welcome Horse Community

Throughout the early days of time, horses have been our stronghold for survival. For example, horses were used for providing transportation, plowing of fields to feed humans, and delivering messages across the countryside. The horses we ride today are for pleasure and sportsmanship. Both domestic and rescued horses rely on humans for their survival.

Our purposes are to:

  • Serve as a resource on adoption and training of abused or neglected horses!
  • Provide individual health care for neglected and malnourished animals!
  • Provide rescued horses with a professional training program that instills trust in people!
  • Donate trained horses to therapeutic riding programs or families to help at-risk children and those with physical or mental challenges.
  • Expand and evolve into a shelter for abused and neglected horses by offering excellent facilities, habitats and pastures that promote full recovery!
  • Seek funding through donations and grants to cover: health care by veterinarians, facilities improvements, food/supplies, and educational programming for youth who are at-risk or disabled, among others.
  • Become known as The Horse Rescue Foundation of Middle Tennessee!

Much, much more!

As donations are received, the Horse Rescue Foundation will allocate funds to improve our facilities and fulfill our purposes.  In doing so, greater numbers of horses will be saved and rehabilitated for adoption by therapeutic riding organizations and families.

All Donations Are Appreciated – Thank You

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Veterinary Care

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